Tuesday, July 1, 2014

France's New Toys and a Fight Against the Brits

My new ships from Shapeways.  The set in the bag contains the Clemenceau and the Gasgogne.

BBCV Jean Bart ready for spray painting and the front end of the Alsace peaking in the picture.

French on the near side, Perfidious Albion on the far side

Stu plotting

Stu rolls his critical hit on the Hood...

And the Hood's magazine is hit.
I just realized that I forgot about this post and most of the details of the battle escape me at the moment.  From what I can remember, the lack of radar hurt the French and that by the end of the day Davy Jones' had a formidable supply of baguettes.  Conversely the only capital ship that the Brits lost was the Hood, but that's to be expected from a ship of that pedigree.

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